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Non-invasive holistic medicine for everyday ailments and enhancing our inner abilities. All products made with natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals used.

NEVER INGEST ESSENTIAL OILS.  Inhale aroma by placing a few drops in palm of hand, rub to warm oils and cup hands over nose and mouth. You can also apply to affected area or apply to feet (especially with children).

Generally, products are NOT intended for pregnant women or children under 6. 


all blends are made with highly therapeutic essential oils and infused in fractionated coconut oil for 

inhalation and  topical use.

ALLERGY RELIEF: atlas cedar wood, tea tree, lavender. Great for those plagued by seasonal allergies. $14.95

ANXIETY REDUCER: bergamot, clary sage, lavender. This balancing blend helps with everyday apprehensions, anxiety, panic attacks, anger and loneliness. $21.95

BE HAPPY: lemongrass, frankincense, bergamot. Uplifting. Great for depression, increases happiness and overall peacefulness. $17.95

FOCUS ENHANCER: (Safe for children over 6 years old) peppermint, rosemary and tangerine. Helps with Irritability, exhaustion, attention, memory, hyperactivity and other ADHD/ ADD like symptoms. $14.95

HEADACHE EASE: peppermint, lavender, chamomile. Helps with tension, stress and migraine headaches. Apply to temples or nape of neck. Will reduce duration or intensity of migraines, may avoid them with use at first symptoms. Will lessen migraines with prolonged use. $21.95

IMMUNITY ARMOR: lavender. frankincense, cypress. To boost immune response & reflects the bad energy of others. Also good for insecurity, fatigue, grief and burn out. $17.95

LULLABY: From our "Simply Lavender" line. Lavender scented, gentle, calming and soothing blend. Helps to sleep. Good for skin irritations. Great for colic and crankiness. For children over 3 months old: rub onto bottoms of feet. $14.95

MUSCLE SOOTHER: wintergreen, eucalyptus, *cannabis sativa. Great for menstrual cramps, helps with inflammation such as arthritis, joint pain, bone pain, shingles and other nerve pains. Simply inhale scent and rub on affected area. (not recommended for anyone on blood thinners or with clotting issues) $19.95

SCAR REDUCER: geranium, frankincense, *cannabis sativa. Diminishes the redness of new scars and fades old ones when used twice a day. Use on cuts and wounds to ease bleeding or speed healing. $17.95

SINUS EASE: (Safe for children over 6 years old) eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender. To ease sinus pressure, congestion, cough and headaches. $17.95

TAKE ME AWAY: clary sage, chamomile, lavender. To calm, soothe and relax you. Balances hormones; helps PMS, menopause and insomnia. $23.95

TUMMY SOOTHER: (Safe for children over 3 years old) ginger, peppermint, *cannabis sativa. Great for nausea, car sickness and indigestion. For best results rub on belly in a clockwise. $19.95


Helps to unblock chakras and align meridians.

Creates higher conscience and awareness.

AIR: (heart chakra) for energy and inspiration. Made with rosemary, lemongrass sweet orange. Improves mood, lifts spirits, awakens the brain, boosts self-confidence and helps with depression anxiety and stress. Correlates with Gemini, Aquarius & Libra. Symptoms of blocked heart chakra include: heart and lung issues, asthma and fear of intimacy. $14.95

FIRE: (solar plexus chakra) for passion, motivation and rejuvenation. Made with ylang ylang, rosewood, geranium. Helps in times of transformation. Helps Fertility & Boosts sex drive! Correlates with Leo, Sagittarius & Aries. Symptoms of blocked solar plexus chakra include: gas, bloating, liver issues, procrastinating and lack of confidence. $21.95

WATER: (sacral chakra) for general healing and cleansing. Made with tangerine, tea tree, cinnamon leaf. Called the “heart” of the elements, it helps improve intuition. Detoxes lymph system, kidneys and liver. Anti-bacterial and boosts immune system. Correlates with Pisces, Scorpio & Cancer. Symptoms of blocked sacral chakra include: hip pain, infertility, sexual dysfunction, creativity blocks and emotional imbalances. $14.95

EARTH: (root chakra) for grounding and stability. Made with lavender, frankincense, atlas cedar wood. Calms the mind, sedating deepens breath making it improve quality of meditation or prayer. Correlates with Taurus, Capricorn & Virgo. Symptoms of blocked root chakra include: low back pain, colon issues, varicose veins & emotional issues with security or money. $21.95



ACNE TREATMENT: made with aloe, geranium, lavender, tea tree. For acne and clogged pores. Use twice a day after washing face. $14.95

BEARD OIL: made with fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed, tea tree, orange, peppermint. Moisturizing, anti-microbial and has a fresh scent! $17.95

BUG REPELLANT: made with grain alcohol, olive oil and lemon eucalyptus (research shows this is the best EO for repelling bugs). Use for gnats, flies, mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, & fleas. Safe for children over 3 years old in very small quantities (spray their clothing on backside to be safe). 1 year shelf life. $17.95

"HOT MAMMA" COOLING SPRAY: made with peppermint, clary sage, lavender. Balances hormones and cools "women of a certain age." May also be used for fevers in adults. NOT for pregnant women! $17.95

LAVENDER BODY OIL: made with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and vegetable glycerin. Great for adding to your bath or just apply to wet skin after your shower! $14.95

STRETCH MARK OIL: made with fractionated coconut oil, frankincense, geranium and tangerine. Good for CELLULITE too! Use twice a day. $17.95

*Steamed distilled cannabis sativa oil will not have intoxicating effects. It does not contain THC. Blends can be custom ordered to add or remove cannabis oil.

***Please note most blends are not suitable for small children or pregnant women.

Call Jeanie at 505-228-2950 for custom orders or with any questions.